Pasi Kaunisto • Landscapes


Pasi Kaunisto is a nature and wildlife photographer from Finland. Upon moving to California the beautiful Pacific light made a profound impression upon him and his long interest in photography was greatly intensified. During his explorations of the western United States he learned to capture nature and especially wildlife with great proficiency, having been inspired by the richness of the local flora and fauna. Over time Pasi became more familiar with multiple species of birds and witnessed their early life from hatching until their first flying sessions.



As Pasi has developed his photographic style he has grown particularly interested in capturing those unique moments, a remarkable action, a humorous expression, an interesting interaction. In order to highlight these moments, he has learned to place great value on minimalism in his compositions, leaving the viewer free to enjoy his images without distractions.



Pasi recently moved back to his native Finland, using that as his base for exploring and recording nature and wildlife, particularly in northern Europe. The four seasons, the arctic migration of birds and rare wildlife are his main subjects for the near future. During the last year Pasi’s work has been recognised in both the 2016 Audubon Photography Award and the 2016 Yellowstone Forever photography Top 100 awards.







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